Jet Ski + Snacks and Drinks




Speed up your adrenaline on this fun and exciting, guided sightseeing ride, led by our fully experienced instructors. Cruise along the Arch and Lover´s Beach on our speed boat and admire the attractions at Land´s End, then revel in the scenery of Los Cabos´coastal views and live unforgettable moments while riding one of our powerful jet skis across the bay.
Known for its plentiful marine life, you might encounter some fauna on your way, even Humpback whales in winter months! Safety is our main priority, for this reason, a safety chase boat will follow you at all times


TOUR DURATION: 2 hours plus transportation


Swimwear | Change of clothing, nonslip shoes & Biodegradable sunscreen and repellent, towel

Max. weight between 2 passengers: 180 kg/398 lbs
For safety reasons, cameras or Gopro are not permitted
Expecting mothers may not participate
Jet ski driver must be 18 or older, must present a valid driver’s license
Mandatory exemption of payment for damages: $35 USD fee per jet ski or leave open voucher
Entrance dock fee: $2 USD per person



NOTE: If a refund of any type is warranted, guest will receive refund minus any credit card processing fees which cannot be reversed.


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