Casa 43

Casa 43 “Casa Talavera” Is an Alexa “Smart Home” enabled home. Nearly all functions of the home are accessible via talking with Alexa through commands. The House Manual will show you how to manually operate the home, as well as the Alexa commands, to be able to ensure ease of use throughout the home.

General Information:


The fully equipped kitchen has the following appliances ready for your enjoyment:

Gas stove and oven. Please be careful, particularly if you have never used a gas stove and oven. There is an electric auto lighter function that works well. Simply turn the burner you wish to light to the appropriate heat level and you will hear a clicking as the electric lighter lights the gas. If, for whatever reason, the burner does not light after 15 seconds then turn the burner off & wait 10 minutes before trying again. If it fails to light repeatedly then please contact the property manager.
Dish wisher. The instructions are in English and self explanatory. Automatic dishwasher powered detergent is kept under the sink. If you prefer to hand-wash there is liquid dish hand wash detergent in a labeled dispenser above the sink. Please do not use the liquid hand wash detergent in the automatic dish washing machine – it will damage the machine and cause leakage into the home. Also please do not put plastic covers in the dishwasher — it gets VERY hot and melts things. We have lost several coffeepot tops this way.
Full size refrigerator and freezer with automatic ice and water dispenser. Please do not adjust temperature settings.
Full size microwave. Control panel instructions are in Spanish but easy to interpret or translate with a little help from google translate.
Sink. The hot water heater is gas powered and takes a while to heat up when you first turn on the hot water in the sink or showers.
Mr Coffee style coffee maker. There are filters in the cabinet above the coffee maker, and normally there is fresh ground coffee in the same cabinet or in the freezer. Filter and coffee supply is not guaranteed so if you have a die-hard coffee consumer in your group then please stock up on your way or pre-order in the groceries section of the marketplace. Please do not put plastic cover in the dishwasher — it gets VERY hot and melts. We have lost several coffeepot tops this way.
Toaster. Self explanatory.
Coasters. There are numerous coasters, in multiple sizes, hand made from left over tiles to match the decor of the home. Please use these under and drink or serving-dish/pot. Please never place hot or cold/wet classes or dishes on any of the furniture without a coaster.
Trash disposal. There is no automatic trash disposer built in to the sink as is popular in north america. Please put trash in the under-counter trash container. Full trash bags can be dropped down the chute near the elevator in the main hallway. There is not currently separate trash vs recycle disposal so everything goes in one bag and one chute. Please dispose in the chute often as smells and bugs (particularly ants) can be a problem in the warm climate.


Bathrooms are equipped with lots of bath towels, beach towels, hand towels, wash clothes, etc. Please use what you need and leave the rest folded so it is obvious to the cleaning crew which items need to be laundered.

The hot water heater is gas powered and takes some time to heat up. When you first turn on the shower it will run cold for a few minutes before heating up.

There is extra toilet paper in the shelf unit under the sink counters, or in the laundry room.

We supply bulk shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, bath soap etc. If anything is missing please let us know and we will supply.


The unit is equipped with a laundry washer and dryer. It is a vertical stacked compact unit. Laundry detergent is supplied.

Roof Top Patio:

The roof-top patio is one of the most spectacular and unique features of this home. Renovated and upgraded during the COVID19 shutdown, it features numerous amenities for the private use of your group during your stay, including:

  • Ocean & Desert themed garden with several large cactus & palm tree plants. We have a maintenance staff that may come during extended stays (3+ days) to water the plants. They will knock on the door and let their presence be known.
  • Gas fire-pit – instructions below
  • Rooftop Grill and Sink
  • Lounge chairs
  • Patio table & chairs
  • Rooftop Bar
  • Most of all — spectacular views of the ocean surf, sunrise, sunset and all day or night long!